SME SUPPORT JAPAN Business Missions (Proposed by Individual Groups)

SME SUPPORT JAPAN is implementing a project to support groups consisting of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) from Japan to promote overseas business expansion.
On this page, 14 groups of SMEs that have joined this project aspiring to establish cooperative relationships or engage in business matchings are listed for you to benefit your own business.
All groups are made up of Japanese SMEs that have superior products, technology or service.
The purpose of overseas expansion is varied, such as export, technology partnership, or investment.
Each group will take part in one-week business trip to their target country.
You can browse the details of groups to find potential business partner from below. If you wish to receive any assistance to be matched, please contact us at your convenience.


la forgerone × CASTING

Works of art and interior illumination made by precise casting and forging, with CT scanned insects, plants, and crystals as "real nature" motifs.

target country : France


Products and Services

■la forgerone
Lighting, objects, interior products, etc., created by iron forging. ■CASTEM
Design, manufacturing, and sales of original metal products

Development of overseas markets from FUKUYAMA

We are two companies from Fukuyama city, Hiroshima Prefecture, with a mission to expand into the EU. Our strong points are the development of vegan and gluten-free products.

target country : Germany


Products and Services

Vegan ramen, gluten-free ramen, menma (lacto-fermented bamboo shoots), raw Chinese noodles, vegetable somen
Gluten-free bean snacks, bean snacks, nuts, vegetable chips, fruit chips.

G8FC Cambodia Mission

Capture demand for inbound visitors to Cambodia.

target country : Cambodia


Products and Services

Branding consulting for companies and products. ■FULLCOMMISSION
Guesthouse planning & management and real estate sales


Our group handles exports of excellent foodstuff from Gifu Prefecture to all over the world. We deal in a wide range of products from sake and ramen that is popular overseas, to sweetfish, and even seasonings.
We continue our pursuits of "spreading the charm of Gifu Prefecture out into the world".

target country : Australia


Products and Services

■Lake Louise
Gluten-free products using rice as the main ingredient.
"Koayu yawaraka-ni" (soft-boiled small ayu), "Ayu ginjo-ni" (ayu boiled in sake)
Nigori sake without any added alcohol or sugar under our brand "Shirakawago"
Rice vinegar, Vinegar drinks.
■Tenryou Sake Brewing
Japanese Sake
"SUMASUMA", "Junmai Daiginjo Tenroku Hairyo", "Daiginjo Tenroku", "Junmai Ginjo Tenroku"
Wasabi Salt, Arazuri Wasabi.

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