FOOD Printer China Manufacturing Development Team

Group Introduction

Realizing the industry's fastest FOOD Printer in China with unique inkjet technology and business scheme.

In 1998, our group developed a desktop FOOD printer, and has since provided printers to Japanese confectionery manufacturers and local confectionery shops. Our FOOD Printer claims the largest market share in the industry, with more than 1,000 units sold. Two years ago, we developed MMP560Li, the industry's fastest (40m/min), which is capable of mass producing 30,000 prints per hour. We strive to continously develop more types of edible inks and genuine customer-oriented products.

Products and services related to this program

Inkjet technology has been increasingly adopted for all types of printing. We produce and sell FOOD Printers that print directly on food items using edible ink, in cooperation with local Chinese companies that possess technical and management capabilities. Production and sales of printers and after-sales services are handled by the Chinese companies, while our group provides the technology for development. Once the development finishes, our group will sell key components (inkjet heads, print control boards, printing application software, etc.) for mass production.

Nurturing the sweets’ dreams—the industry's fastest FOOD Printer

By using edible ink to print various messages, photos, illustrations and characters on sweets, you can imbue your products with surprise, excitement, and dreams.

Strength of this group

  • Incredibly fast printing speed
  • Easy operation with touch panel
  • Environment-friendly water-based ink without VOC
  • All head maintenance is automatically controlled
  • The finest print in the industry [[[(720dpi)]]]

Standards and Certifications, etc.

FDA-certified edible ink

Overseas mission goals

Target country for the overseas mission China
Type of expansion (JV, export, factory, etc.)
  • Manufacturing location
  • Technical partnership
Business Terms-and-Conditions
  • Transaction type: FOB Fukuoka
  • Payment conditions: 100% advance payment
  • There are still many items that have not been decided yet


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