G8FC Cambodia Mission

Capture demand for inbound visitors to Cambodia.

Our group consists of Japan's leading guesthouse development management company FULLCOMMISSION and Japan's leading web direction company in terms of website branding and client acquisition Gear 8. We are working together in the Cambodian market (which is experiencing rapid tourism industry growth) to develop a business which holistically deals with real estate development, construction management, guesthouse management, branding, customer acquisition, etc.

We want you to feel the atmosphere of Sapporo!

Within the grounds of Guesthouse "Ten to Ten Sapporo Station", we organise interactions between guests and locals. In summer, we set up tents, and in winter, guests are greeted with "kamakura" igloos.

All guests are friends

We organise various events and parties in the dining space to promote interaction between guests and locals.

Clean accommodation spaces

Our clean, well-maintained accomodation spaces are highly praised by guests. We offer both shared accomodation options and private rooms.

Strength of this group


Express the strength of client businesses and products via websites, contributing to brand equity growth.
Practice diversity management, and propose various ways of looking at things, and various means of expression.


I am a one-stop-shop which can do everything from property development and construction management to facility management.
"Ten to Ten"-brand guest houses have know-how which can be quickly carried out in various countries, from the planning stage to operations.

Overseas mission goals

Target country for the overseas mission Cambodia
Type of expansion (JV, export, factory, etc.)
  • Investment  (Sales service location)
Business Terms-and-Conditions Gear8... branding consulting for companies and products
FULLCOMMISSION… guesthouse planning & management and real estate sales


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