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Group Introduction

Nasta: "For better living"
NAGAE: “We turn your ideas into high quality products"

Our group consists of two companies; Nasta and NAGAE. Both companies manufacture and supply laundry pole holders, and produce high performance in Japan. This time we cooperate with Viet Nam-based NAGAE VIETNAM Ltd., a subsidiary of NAGAE Ltd. in expanding our business in ASEAN countries. By supplying NAGAE's and Nasta's products, we can offer a broad range of products that create a better living environment.

Products and services related to this program

We would like to introduce our building materials, such as laundry pole holders for outdoor/indoor use, mailboxes, and decorative tin panels, that create a better living environment.

The natural beauty of metal

Premium TIN Tiles - A unique and beautiful choice for DIY or professionals
This is unexceptional stunning sheet made of 99.99% pure tin.

A dazzling mailbox at the entrance

A collective mailbox for condos and apartments with superb security and refined design.

Non-drop laundry pole holders for outdoor use

Laundry pole holders suitable for laundry room or balcony areas. Can adjust the pole height to 4 different levels.

Non-drop laundry pole holders, collapsible (folding) type

Laundry pole holders suitable for laundry room or balcony areas. Can fold the arms to save space.

Easy to handle. It creates a feeling of spaciousness.

With this indoor laundry pole holders, you can raise or lower the laundry pole even with laundry hung on it. The streamlined design of the holders helps it naturally blend into the ceiling.

laundry pole holders that blends into your living environment

Indoor laundry pole holders that hangs from the ceiling. Featuring a sleek design that naturally blends into your living environment.

Strength of this group

  • Numerous sales achievements in Japan focusing on “consumer convenience”
  • A broad range of products
  • Refined beautility that blends into the living environment
  • A near-at-hand consultant (a local office in Viet Nam)
  • Product planning and development from our consumers’ perspectives
  • Integrated in-house production

Standards and Certifications, etc.

ISO9001 (Nagae & Nasta) & ISO14000 (Nasta)

Overseas mission goals

Target country for the overseas mission Vietnam and ASEAN countries
Type of expansion (JV, export, factory, etc.)
  • Export
  • Manufacturing location
  • Sales service location


Our many decades of experience in this industry enables us to provide first-class products in Japan. Based on our impressive performance, we would like to offer customer-oriented products and expand our business with the basic concept of introducing a richer living environment in Vietnam and other ASEAN countries.

NAGAE Local Corporation
Address: Lot J-10, Long Duc Industrial Park, Long Duc Ward, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
TEL: +84-251-368-1178
FAX: +84-251-368-1179