Sakanaya Katsugorosyoten (Uokatsu) Taiwan

Group Introduction

We deliver freshly cultured fish such as seasonal yellowtail and seriola and other select fish from Japan.

Epoctrading developed the platform to export Japanese foods to overseas markets and Kaname develops food businesses in Japan and Taiwan, together we operate Sakanaya Katsugorosyoten (Uokatsu), which already launched in Thailand, Singapore and eventually we plan to expand to Taiwan.
We offer fresh fish raised using the newest aquaculture technology as well as other select fish from Japan. Sakanaya Katsugorosyoten (Uokatsu) delivers by air in as quickly as two days.

Products and services related to this program

Epoc is a licensed intermediate wholesaler in the Yokohama Central Wholesale Market. We buy and export fresh fish (cultured fish such as yellowtail and seriola and other select fish from Japan) through our Taiwanese subsidiary, Kaname Construction, allowing us to deliver fresh products to our customers in as quickly as two days from the day the order was made.

The first fruit fish from Miyazaki Prefecture! "Hebesu Yellowtail"

The Hebesu Yellowtail is a fruit fish raised carefully using feed mixed with Hebesu, which is a special product of Hyuga city, Miyazaki Prefecture, in the Kitaura Sea where the Kuroshio current flows. It tastes fresh and doesn't smell as fishy due to its feed being mixed with Hebesu.

Sea bream with a fragrance of mandarin raised in Ehime Prefecture, also known as the Mandarin Kingdom.

The feed, which is a mixture of mashed fish, vegetable pellets and squeezed mandarins has deodorizing effects, keeps the sea bream fresh for a longer duration and prevents discoloration. It also gives off a slight mandarin fragrance when eaten.

The "Golden Flounder" sparkles like alluvial gold.

This fish is meticulously raised using beautiful seawater drawn from 40m underground for use in aquaculture, and their feed is sourced domestically and adjusted to their growth and different climates. The number of fish raised in one pond are few in order to reduce stress and allow for healthy, shining golden flounders to be raised.

Strength of this group

  • Transportation technology that maintains freshness
  • Has acquired an intermediate wholesaler license for the Yokohama Central Wholesale Market
  • High sales performance in Thailand and Singapore
  • Offers recommended cooking methods and seasonal dishes

Overseas mission goals

Target country for the overseas mission Taiwan
Type of expansion (JV, export, factory, etc.)
  • Export
  • Sales service location
Business Terms-and-Conditions We will deliver in as quickly as two days after receiving the order. We are considering cash on delivery for the time being for the payment method.


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